“Life is challenging. We can help. Confidential 24/7 support.”

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to. The Employee Assistance Program provided by ComPsych® GuidanceResources provides confidential counseling, expert guidance and valuable resources to help you handle any of life’s challenges, big or small. The Employee Assistance Program offers counseling, legal and financial consultation, work-life assistance and crisis intervention services to all our Trust participants and their household family members.

Call 855-571-7822 to access 24/7 live assistance or visit online at GuidanceResources.com and register with Web ID PSEWTRUST

Employee Assistance Program Services

Confidential Emotional Support

Get connected with a counselor on the phone in person stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and other mental health concerns

Work and Lifestyle Support

Call any time for assistance with topics, including finding child or elder care, housing searches, seeking financial assistance, finding pet care, sending a child off to school, or planning a major project or event.

Legal Guidance

Call to connected to a highly trained, caring clinician who will talk with you about your situation and schedule a phone appointment for you with one of our staff attorneys. GuidanceResources attorneys can help with family law matters, including divorce, custody, child support and adoption, bankruptcy and credit issues, landlord/tenant issues, including eviction and lease questions, real estate and foreclosure questions, immigration concerns, wills and living wills.

Financial Resources

GuidanceResources in-house staff includes Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners and other professionals dedicated exclusively to providing financial information to you by phone.  Financial experts can help you with credit card and debt management, budgeting, retirement and estate planning, tax and real estate questions, financing for college, investment options, mortgages, loans and refinancing.

Digital Support

Connect to counseling, work-life support or other services, tap into an array of articles, podcasts, videos, slideshows and improve your skills with On-Demand trainings.

Contact GuidanceResources EAP

When you call, you will speak with a GuidanceConsultant, a master’s- or PhD-level counselor who will collect some general information about you and will talk with you about your needs. The GuidanceConsultant will provide the name of a counselor who can assist you. You can then set up an appointment to speak with the counselor over the phone or schedule a face-to-face visit.

The EAP provides free short-term counseling with counselors in your area who can help you with your emotional concerns. If the counselor determines that your issues can be resolved with short-term counseling, you will receive counseling through the EAP. However, if it is determined that the problem cannot be resolved in short-term counseling in the EAP and you will need longer-term treatment, you will be referred to a specialist early on and your insurance coverage will be activated.

Call 855-571-7822 to access 24/7 live assistance or visit online at GuidanceResources.com and register with Web ID PSEWTRUST

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